National Co+op Grocer Welcomes New Co-ops

Information About Membership in NCG

National Co+op Grocers (NCG) is pleased to announce the addition of one new member co-op and four new associate co-ops to our organization. 

Park Slope Food Co-op – Brooklyn, N.Y. (NCG member co-op)

Located in the heart of the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, N.Y., Park Slope is one of the largest single store co-ops in the country, with sales over $50 million. Since its founding in 1973, Park Slope has operated in accordance with a unique business model. Today, over 16,000 members are required to work (approximately three hours per month per adult) in order to be eligible to shop at the co-op. 

Dill Pickle Food Co-op (NCG associate co-op)

Dill Pickle Food Co-op opened its store in Chicago, Ill., in December 2009. The co-op’s first year sales were more than double the projections for its fifth year and after consecutive years of double-digit growth are now nearing $2 million. Membership has grown to over 1,500—and the co-op just signed a lease to a new, larger location. 

East Aurora Cooperative Market (NCG associate co-op)

Formed in 2009, East Aurora is a startup located in East Aurora, N.Y. The co-op currently has 1,100 owners and is working with NCG’s Development Co+operative to open its first retail location in November/December 2015. 

Fiddleheads Natural Foods Co-op (NCG associate co-op)

Formed in 2002, Fiddleheads Natural Foods Co-op opened its store in 2008. The co-op is located in an urban, culturally diverse downtown area of New London, Ct. After seven years of growth, the co-op has 1,500 owners and annual sales over $3 million.

Whole Earth Grocery Cooperative (NCG associate co-op)

Whole Earth Grocery Co-op has been serving its community in River Falls, Wis., since 1973. After years of maximizing its relatively small space, this $1 million co-op is looking at expansion to better serve its 1,100 owners. 

These new NCG member and associate member co-ops bring the total number affiliated with NCG to 148 co-ops operating over 200 stores. ♦


NCG accepts applications each year based on organizational capacity. The national co-op accepted applications once in 2015 and expects to offer two application periods in 2016. 

The NCG board of directors reviews and makes decisions on all membership applications, based on the recommendations of NCG’s executive team. 

The NCG CEO reviews and makes decisions on applications for associate co-op status.

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