Overheard at the Park Slope Food Co-op

NYT Metropolitan Diary

Overheard at the Park Slope Food Co-op:

(In which the culinary becomes political.)

Woman: “Do we have any cheap caviar?”

Same woman, minutes later: “Do we have any caviar” — more quietly — “for the masses?”

(In which shoppers band together to help one of their own.)

Woman No. 1: “Do we have any hot chocolate mix?”

Woman No. 2: “I’m so sorry to be the one to break this to you, but no, we do not have hot chocolate mix.”

Helpful shopper No. 1: “You could check out the chocolate peppermint mix; that might work!”

Helpful shopper No. 2: “You could make your own hot chocolate mix by grinding the cocoa in the bulk aisle and adding milk and sugar!”

(In which the co-op teaches the value of being compassionate toward oneself.)

Man No. 1: “I’m a bad, bad man, and I spilled some nuts in the bulk aisle. Can someone on maintenance help me clean it up?”

Man No. 2: “Well, bad man, there’s no maintenance on duty today, but there’s a broom and dustpan.”

Man No. 1: “Bad Man is on it.”

Woman: “You are not a bad man. Everyone makes mistakes. Be kind to yourself.”

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